Pistol Brace Firearms and US Regulation

As many of you know, The staff at VEPR.org are worried about the upcoming alteration of the rules surrounding pistol braced firearms in the US. Above, is a large frame pistol, which has been painstakingly assembled in such a way as to comply with US law. Earlier this year, the ATF released a proposed rule-change and accompanying compliance worksheet. Based on their worksheet, I found it near impossible for this large frame pistol to remain compliant.

I had a chance to read through some of the other comments left during the comment period, and it appears I am not alone. Many large frame pistol owners are furious that their legally acquired and maintained firearms could be made contraband in the near fuure. In my own case, I have made a good faith effort to comply, and don’t make it a practice to break the law. For this reason, I hope that the ATF comes to their senses and abandons their proposed (and arbitrary) rule change.

I will post more about this topic in early 2022, or as more information becomes available.