Palmetto State Armory Waffle Magazine

I was able to run a few different colored PSA 7,62×39 waffle magazines this weekend. We are impressed with the quality of these products, and at $9.99 a piece, they are an absolute steal! These are near clones of the Bulgarian circle-10 magazines (which were designed by the famous Bulgarian engineer Ivan Kolev). There are some differences between these and the originals, including a slightly shorter steel reinforcement plate on the spine, and a gigantic (and obnoxious) logo that PSA placed on the left side of the magazine (See picture above).

***UPDATE: I had a chance (on the ar15 dot com web forum) to ask the owner of PSA if these things were still available, and he mentioned that they were designing a second generation magazine that will be “cooler”. I let him know these were his best product, but I hoped the second generation has a smaller, less awful looking logo.

The Iconic Romanian Dong: PM md. 90

I had the opportunity to purchase a Romanian PM md. 90 parts kit a few months ago. Since I am still sitting on a number of AKM receivers and Cugir barrels, I thought I would send it off tot he good folks at InRange C2 to build. This week, the project finally arrived back home! I was going to put some modern looking furniture on this bad boy, but I think it would look best with just an ultimak rail. Its iconic aesthetic is too badass for me to molest much further.

Photo includes rifle, dong, and a weird rubber ducky that was on my porch…