AK12 Acquired!

After picking up an AK12 kit last year and waiting for the good folks at InRange C2 to have time to put it together for me, I was extremely happy when this thing showed up on my porch! I will be shooting it next Friday if time allows. Vickers sling attached as well.

UPDATE: I finally had a chance to shoot this machine and it is a surprisingly light rifle to wield, with less felt recoil than my 74m-pattern rifles.

US Standard QD vs Kalashnikov Standard QD Sling Mounts

AK12 Muzzle Device

I wanted to take a moment to discuss one of the product improvements in the AK12 system. Of particular interest this week, is the new attachment method used by the AK12’s muzzle device pictured above. As you can see, the Kalashnikov Concern moved away from the traditional threading method of attachment to a single wide bracket coupled with a plunger, detent, and spring retention system. This should make assembly and disassembly quicker for the end user.

AK-12 Pistol Grip Assembly

AK12 Magazine

AK-12 Stock System