AK12 Magazine

AK 103 Build Parts

A few days back, I decided that I would build a Kalashnikov Concern AK 103 clone. I’ve quietly been procuring parts for the build, including some difficult to find AK 103 “channel” magazines. I will likely use a Saiga or KR103 as the base for the rifle, depending on what is available.

How to remove the AK12 Buttstock Cleaning Kit

I’ve decided to put to pen a detailed instruction-set for removing the cleaning kit from the AK12 Buttstock.

Step One: Turn your rifle upside down so that you can observe the AK12 buttpad release button and manual user-interface (pictured above).

Step Two: Push the buttpad release button towards the rear trunnion (the direction of the arrow above). Hold the button in this position until you have completed step three.

Step Three: Carefully, yet with great purpose, slide the buttpad down and off the dovetail.

Step Four: Remove the cleaning kit from the buffer tube.

Stay tuned for next week when we walk you through how to boil an egg….

The Iconic Romanian Dong: PM md. 90

I had the opportunity to purchase a Romanian PM md. 90 parts kit a few months ago. Since I am still sitting on a number of AKM receivers and Cugir barrels, I thought I would send it off tot he good folks at InRange C2 to build. This week, the project finally arrived back home! I was going to put some modern looking furniture on this bad boy, but I think it would look best with just an ultimak rail. Its iconic aesthetic is too badass for me to molest much further.

Photo includes rifle, dong, and a weird rubber ducky that was on my porch…

AK-12 Stock System

VEPR 12 Shotgun

Photo includes shotgun, magazine, proof marks, and a weird rubber ducky that was on my porch…

A Quiet Welcome!

For over a decade VEPR.org has brought you news and information related to Molot-Oruzhiye products. Last month we were knocked offline, and our site sabotaged to the point of it being impossible to salvage. There will never be a time when the owners of VEPR.org will pay a ransom to any criminals to release our data.

We’ve decided to resurrect the project, first introducing a blog and information site, and then at some point in the future, reintroducing our interactive wed-forum. Please be patient while we undergo these monumental changes.