VZ-58 Parts Kit Of Czechoslovakia

I had a chance to pick up a VZ-58 parts kit from APEX Gun Parts during their infamous “Black Friday” sales. While not based on the Kalashnikov operating system, the VZ-58 is an interesting and historic rifle that I hope to build into a US legal semi-auto firearm at some point in the near future. Stay tuned!

Pistol Brace Firearms and US Regulation

As many of you know, The staff at VEPR.org are worried about the upcoming alteration of the rules surrounding pistol braced firearms in the US. Above, is a large frame pistol, which has been painstakingly assembled in such a way as to comply with US law. Earlier this year, the ATF released a proposed rule-change and accompanying compliance worksheet. Based on their worksheet, I found it near impossible for this large frame pistol to remain compliant.

I had a chance to read through some of the other comments left during the comment period, and it appears I am not alone. Many large frame pistol owners are furious that their legally acquired and maintained firearms could be made contraband in the near fuure. In my own case, I have made a good faith effort to comply, and don’t make it a practice to break the law. For this reason, I hope that the ATF comes to their senses and abandons their proposed (and arbitrary) rule change.

I will post more about this topic in early 2022, or as more information becomes available.

US Standard QD vs Kalashnikov Standard QD Sling Mounts

BelOMO PRC Collimator

I was lucky enough to pick up a new red dot optical device this week. The PRC is made by BelOMO and features a 2 moa dot-type reticle, 11 brightness settings, and an intuitive adjustment system. It is a heavy beast, and with my astigmatism, unusable at the upper brightness settings (due to glare). I will try to update this post when I’ve had a chance to run it on something heavy in the 30 caliber range.

Bubba’d Simonov Rifle

There are ergonomic limits to the humble Simonov pattern rifle. The Tapco chassis and ACE folding mechanism/ stock addition are stop gap measures to modernize the original Monte Carlo style set up. It may not win any beauty contests, but this is what peak performance looks like from the platform. (Chinese Norinco paratropper model-M pictured, the bell of my collection)…

Vepr 12 and a Lynx 12

Despite the rain, I intend to shoot my shotguns this weekend. Above you will find the Russian made Vepr 12 and Chinese made Lynx 12. The Lynx 12 is somewhat similar to the Saiga 12 platform, with many of the parts (including the magazines) interchangeable between the two.

AK12 Muzzle Device

I wanted to take a moment to discuss one of the product improvements in the AK12 system. Of particular interest this week, is the new attachment method used by the AK12’s muzzle device pictured above. As you can see, the Kalashnikov Concern moved away from the traditional threading method of attachment to a single wide bracket coupled with a plunger, detent, and spring retention system. This should make assembly and disassembly quicker for the end user.