IMI Galil SAR Kit

I was fortunate enough to pick up an Israeli Military Industries (IMI) Galil SAR parts kit this week. I am hopeful that this will build-up nicely into a fantastic shooter someday. Next step: securing a barrel and semi-auto (US legal) receiver!

AK-12 Pistol Grip Assembly

ASP-AK Telescopic Buttstock (ASPAK 74.010.00)

Lets talk about translation and poor choices for a moment. No, the ASP-AK Stock isn’t a poor choice. Far from it! The stock features an adjustable length of pull, steel and polymer construction, cheek riser, and rotating QD mount. This model (ASPAK 74.010.00) allows for mounting on a standard AK100 series 5.5mm pin rear trunnion.

The poor choice lies in the naming of this product, and the poor translation of american AK enthusiasts who, due to the product designation (ASPAK) have begun to call this stock the “Ass-Pack”. I strongly encourage the company (Weapon Tuning Company of Russia) to reconsider selling this unit with a hyphen between the “ASP” and “AK”…

The Tapco G2 Trigger: Good?

A long while ago, I quietly admitted to myself that Tapco, the brand everyone loves to hate, makes a pretty decent trigger. A huge percentage of my semi-auto AK’s wear a G2. But what happened to the company? Why are these things in short supply? I won’t bore you with the details, but the current owners seem to be sitting on their hands with this brand. What will the future hold? Probably nothing good…

AK12 Magazine

AK 103 Build Parts

A few days back, I decided that I would build a Kalashnikov Concern AK 103 clone. I’ve quietly been procuring parts for the build, including some difficult to find AK 103 “channel” magazines. I will likely use a Saiga or KR103 as the base for the rifle, depending on what is available.

How to remove the AK12 Buttstock Cleaning Kit

I’ve decided to put to pen a detailed instruction-set for removing the cleaning kit from the AK12 Buttstock.

Step One: Turn your rifle upside down so that you can observe the AK12 buttpad release button and manual user-interface (pictured above).

Step Two: Push the buttpad release button towards the rear trunnion (the direction of the arrow above). Hold the button in this position until you have completed step three.

Step Three: Carefully, yet with great purpose, slide the buttpad down and off the dovetail.

Step Four: Remove the cleaning kit from the buffer tube.

Stay tuned for next week when we walk you through how to boil an egg….