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 Post subject: How I make .308
PostPosted: Sun Dec 07, 2014 7:52 am 
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Perhaps this should go in technical/modification, and there was talk of a reloading specific subforum. For now, I will stick it here.

I cranked out a few hundred 308 to give to my cousin before Thanksgiving, and took the opportunity to make a video.

Mostly I made him some unique / cast lead plinkers that get ~2-3 MOA depending on when I try to measure them. I don't claim to be an amazing shot. The ones I made this time use a 16.2 BHN 182 grain flat nose poly coated bullet, and were downloaded to specs comparable to a heavy 30/30 or 7.62 X39. This stuff is pretty cheap to shoot and wouldn't actually be a bad hunting load. Exclusive of labor, they work out to about 8.7 cents each. I did have to trade some stuff to get the brass though.

The ones in the video use a common Remington Core Lokt 150 grain SP and a few clicks above starting data load of Hodgedon CFE 223 powder. I think these would do ~1.5 MOA if I didn't suck, but I was only able to consistently do 2. They are a full power round, and I LOVE the powder. I only use this particular projectile because a guy sold me a bunch of them for about the cost of the lead in them. I was not particularly impressed with the tolerance of the rem projectiles, as compared to the hornady or nosler bullets I have used.

Given the choice, I would prefer projectiles in the 165-170 grain range, made by a consistent brand. This rifle really is made for 168 grain SMKs, but I don't have any of those. Other owners report better results from the ~175 grain SMK and similar. I am sure the remington crap shoots more accurately than my skills can really justify anyway.

Since his gun has a floating firing pin (LWRC REPR), I prefer to use the slightly harder Winchester Large Rifle primers for extra safety.

So the long video is here.

I will be making a ~4-5 minute version with some of the B-roll and additional tips in a week or so.

P.M. me if you want help:
modify or fix your gun

shotguns, some gunsmithing, reloading, fabrication, knife making, etc.

I'm a firearms/NFA attorney in Wa. Let's combine business, pleasure, and stamps.

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