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Author:  GunFun [ Mon Oct 13, 2014 3:01 am ]
Post subject:  GF's Shotgun Slug Competition <Entries Thread/ Leaderboard>

This thread is for posting your entries to the slug shooting competition.

Rules are here: viewtopic.php?f=42&t=3280

In short, PM me with questions. This thread is for uploading entries.

If you upload an entry, you can talk about it and show relevant pictures in the post.

DO NOT quote prior post's images.


Modern Shotgun 75 Yard: ... sp=sharing

Modern Shotgun 25 Yard: ... sp=sharing

Other Smoothbore Shotguns 75 Yard: ... sp=sharing

Other Smoothbore Shotguns 25 Yard: ... sp=sharing

Author:  Mr.Meric [ Mon Oct 13, 2014 8:45 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: GF's Shotgun Slug Competition <Entries Thread/ Leaderbo

Ok Gun.. I just happened to have the day off and was heading to the range anyway.... so, I'll play =) Did not have any slugs other than some low recoil Fiocchi's so I stopped by Wally World on my way to my friends place/range and only thing they had was Winchester Super X.. Nada, nothing else...


so beggers can't be bitchin' and I took it and off I went. This test was not completed with any of the Fiocchi rounds at this time, my apologies. I would have had to put my performance CSS spring in and then my site would have been off again, taking more time. Plus, I wanted my test to be the best ammo I could get off of Wally Worlds shelf as I am sure most other normal guys like me would. Friends place has a 100 yd range, but since I only have a red dot (that I just 95% sited today), bad eyes (these are two "BUT's" - see below for reference) and no one to spot for me (friend has my binoculars), I opted for the 25 yd challenge. I marked off 25 yds and painted for consistency in location


with a TruPulse 200B from Laser Technology. Laser has been calibrated this year and is accurate up to 6" +/- at 400'. Galvanized metal plate on post was utilized to get the reading



My weapon of choice: Molot VEPR-12 (modified... heavily)

Factory Folding Stock removed
* Molot VEPR Telescoping Stock Adapter
* CrossHair - Shotgun Recoil Reducing Stock Adapter
* Mako GL Recoil Reducing Stock
* Polished Gas Piston & Bolt Assembly
* Factory paint removed from gas block and gas port holes and recovered with Aluma-Hyde II (keeping holes open)
* CHAOS Quad Rail
* UTG Tactical 4 MOA Red/Green Sight
* Mako Stealth Forward Assist & Positioning Enhancer (to help get grip on rail and hold in tight)
* JT Engineering Competition Break
* JTE Performance Guide Rod
* Full Power Spring (you never know)
* CAA AK Grip w/interchangeable straps

Conditions were 10 am, Central Florida. Sunny and 83 degrees with a slight S to N breeze crossing shooting alley (who am I kidding.. not a meterologist... it was breezy all day =) Humidity I am guessing was around 80%. It was hot and I was sweating, but only one boy was stuck to the leg, not two... so no more than 80%.

Now come my "BUT's" .. I had not sighted in my red dot till this morning, not even bore scoped. I took 5 shots at silhouette for quick sighting then did sheet #1. I am a bit off as you can see. Did I mention I have bad eyes and terrible lack of upper body strength being only 151 lbs.. 2nd 5 rds is a tad better with one "operator error". Still haven't done my trigger job and I just started shooting right hand this year....

... that's 5 "BUTS" for the record =)



...2nd group of 5

....and while I was out there.. cleaned up all my VEPR hulls from the today and 2 other visits... I think she's pretty much broke in now...


..... oh yeah... it was a good day indeed! All in all.. I'm pretty happy with the outcome with the low quality ammo and my bad aim/eyes.


Gun, I have the scanned pdf's if you can't measure off of this jpg. Or I can email them to you. Just let me know..


Author:  GunFun [ Mon Oct 13, 2014 8:54 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: GF's Shotgun Slug Competition <Entries Thread/ Leaderbo

Great first entry post Mr. Meric. Thank you, it's exactly what I was hoping for. I just wish I could read the model # on the side of that box of slugs.

I didn't get my scanner set up yet, but I will do so today. & Edit this post to have pictures and entry so as to conform to my own rules.

I've been meanign to start this for a long time. I attempted multiple times to go to a range with B.S. a few friends and his range finder for this, but it never worked out. Now that I've moved. Screw it- the game goes up.

The day I ended up going to a friend's property turned out to have 25+ kt winds. I couldn't even hold steady kneeling. So I have lot's of excuses for the suckage I am posting. It's a low bar people, show me up.

The wind was intermittent when I was verifying zero on some practice targets. Everytime I pulled the trigger and felt good about it, I saw a fat hole exactly where the center of the diamond was at the break. So at least for the 25 yard, it's all on me for the wide patterns.

Here is one of the unscored practice targets:

And some groups more appropriate for the 75 yard range that I shot at 25. (Yes I know some of the targets have measurements from inside to inside marked on them. I don't know where my brain was.- mostly grumbling that I misplaced my calipers in the move.)




I lost one of the 75 yard pages, but I completely missed it so that works out. I gave myself the score for a miss (if one or more shots are off of the paper, I mark the group size "infinite") to keep with the spirit of full disclosure. That miss counts.

This one at least got one onto paper. Honestly the table at 75 yards wanted to fly and I was getting impatient. I spent about 8 minutes trying to get the crosshair to just stay on the paper somewhere and shot sloppy.


My friend came along and was more patient. He spent a little more time weighting the table down. He also was good at timing the wind.
So while this score counts as a miss, the overall group size counting the two hits off the paper was about 10 or 11". Pretty good in the circumstances.


Author:  Mr.Meric [ Tue Oct 14, 2014 10:30 am ]
Post subject:  Re: GF's Shotgun Slug Competition <Entries Thread/ Leaderbo

I input the slug model # into the shared spreadsheet GF, FYI.

Author:  Mr.Meric [ Thu Oct 16, 2014 12:46 am ]
Post subject:  Re: GF's Shotgun Slug Competition <Entries Thread/ Leaderbo

By the way, I thought I would add to my findings... those SuperX slugs from Winchester pack a HELLUVA a punch!

Author:  William Tell [ Fri Nov 07, 2014 4:48 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: GF's Shotgun Slug Competition <Entries Thread/ Leaderbo

Hey guys, finally found the time to go to the range and put some holes into a few targets :mrgreen:

I only had about 10 minutes left after a 45 min AR-15 session shooting some 250 rounds...

target #1 was just for practicing and zeroing the red dot, with about 15 shots before shooting #2 and #3

more to come next time ;)

here we go:

Image Image

Not really sure what to enter in the spread sheet, as I have no idea about ammo specs and technical background. Maybe somebody can help?

Ammo used:



Small addendum:
Thanks GunFun for explaining things. Let's treat my first attempt as a test then :)

In fact, I have prepared 3 targets. Ok, I only used a black marker and named them 1,2, additionnal info...sorry...thought it would look better, if I add the details after scanning on the computer. My handwriting really sucks, as my shooting does :lol: )

After the first shot on #1, it was obvious, that my Red Dot was completely out of zero, so I just continued shooting another 2 mags and tried to zero as good as possible. Then I did my "counting" 5 shots on #2 and #3. Where as the 5th shot on #2 might have hit my neighbours target, no idea :mrgreen:

By the way, this is the 25m gun range: Image

Author:  GunFun [ Fri Nov 07, 2014 5:11 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: GF's Shotgun Slug Competition <Entries Thread/ Leaderbo

While we are not supposed to post here without doing an entry, I will sorta break the rule to use William's example to explain how I do scoring at the moment. It provides a perfect example.

Don't worry about the # on the entries this time, so long as the info gets there. The key point to me is that I'd like you to at least write "entry" (or the Swiss equivalent) on the entries you will submit BEFORE you shoot them, and that you upload every target labeled entry. You can put the rest of the info later, however you like. The way I keep them straight is to staple up a row for practice with no labels, then another row on the target holder labeled "entry #1, Entry #2.... After I shoot them, I carry them back to my shooting table and copy information from the box on the target. Your typing is excellent, but I want to make sure that you are deciding which ones are entries before you shoot them. That way our data includes all attempts into the averages, not just best attempts.

The group size is listed as center to center of the furthest two holes. I will print the image and use calipers if necessary, but I intend to use some software that I have to measure directly from the scanned images. Just by counting squares, it looks like entry #3 is a little over 5" between the highest and lowest holes. #2 has one shot off target, so it's group size is listed as infinite. - but it is nice to mark how far the shot was off paper, if known. It won't score, but people interested in that ammo's performance may find it useful to get an impression of what the ammo tends to do.

I'll try scoring it with the software in the next few days. I will input the data into the spreadsheet as needed.

As for the entry itself- Excellent. I've been wondering what groups that stuff can do. The slug weight is ~1 1/8 oz. I have some of the hexolit version and will be shooting it once I am more confident of my skills. I plan to use a rifled choke.

The manufacturer's stats are as follows:Technical data:
Slug weight: 32.0 g / 495 gr (1.12877 oz)
Muzzle velocity: 430 m/s / 1410 fps
Muzzle energy: 2960 J / 2180 fp ... it-32.html

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