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PostPosted: Sun Oct 12, 2014 5:04 am 
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For those of you with no attention span, just watch this video first.

For the rest, here is the summary
This is a no-holds barred, no cherry picking, Everything Counts completion. No secret sauce.

The main event is 75 yards with a modern 12 gauge. 25 yard versions are available in each category.

Targets are standardized for normal paper sizes: (Thanks to member William Tell, who made sure the measurements come out right)
USA 8 ½”x 11” use this:

Most other countries A4 Use this :

3 Simple steps:

1) Measure your yardage. Use a real measuring device, not your feet.
2) Call your shots before you make them. Exactly 5 shots per target. No re-shots for misses, “fliers” count.
Practice all you want, but each entry for the contest needs to be labeled with your forum name, date, attempt #, range, gun and ammo before you shoot. Everything you label gets posted, good, bad or ugly.
Example :
“GunFun, 10/11/2014, target #1, 75 yards, IZ-109, 7/8 oz Lee handloads.”
3) Show & Tell.
Show: Scan your target and upload it to the sister thread. >> viewtopic.php?f=42&t=3283 <<

Tell: enter all the details in the leaderboard for your category linked here. Fill in the whole row so we can duplicate your results.

Modern Shotgun 75 Yard: ... sp=sharing

Modern Shotgun 25 Yard: ... sp=sharing

Other Smoothbore Shotguns 75 Yard: ... sp=sharing

Other Smoothbore Shotguns 25 Yard: ... sp=sharing

Sister thread: viewtopic.php?f=42&t=3283

That’s it.
I have prepared much more detailed rules which will be in the next post, but this page should be enough for most people.

P.M. me if you want help:
modify or fix your gun

shotguns, some gunsmithing, reloading, fabrication, knife making, etc.

I'm a firearms/NFA attorney in Wa. Let's combine business, pleasure, and stamps.

PostPosted: Sun Oct 12, 2014 5:21 am 
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Joined: Mon Jul 01, 2013 9:06 pm
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Want to get technical on the rules? Here's the LONG version.

I thought it would be fun to start a “bragging wall” type shotgun slug shooting competition.
Please read all the rules before posting anything. I know. . . TL/DR, but bear with me.
The idea is that this should make us better shooters, and provide others with a realistic idea of their own capabilities and limits. That means we give complete information and share it. We don’t fudge and we don’t kid ourselves. We post giving our word of honor. This is more trouble than winging it, but the reward is certainty about the results and knowledge of what really works.

Since I am starting it, I get to make the rules. Don’t like ‘em?--- Start your own contest.

Rule Zero
The Modern Shotgun Category is for box magazine semi-automatic fed 12 gauge shotguns only. This category specifically allows fully rifled shotguns. Hey if you are lucky enough to have made one, I want to reward that.
Other 12 ga Smoothbores Category is included to allow comparison for people who don’t have access to modern shotguns a chance to compare their skills. More data is more better. I allow any choke including rifled. However, no fully rifled slug barrels are allowed in this contest. I want this contest to be more about universally useful versatile 12 gauges, so that means dedicated slug guns are out. My contest, my rules.

If you have safety concerns about any load or part let us know.

Rule 1 Everything counts!
1.1 You label your targets before you shoot at them.
A) You can do as many practice rounds as you want, but you have to decide you are going to make each particular 5 shot group an entry and write it on the target before you take a single shot. This ensures that what you post is representative of your skills, and not just the best attempt out of a hundred. i.e. “ScreenName, Date, Entry #1, Vepr 12, 2 ¾” Sluggers 1oz 1650 FPS , X yards”
B) You take exactly 5 shots at each target. “Fliers” count. “Flinches” count. Wind counts. If you pull the trigger, it counts- Period. I know 10 shot groups would be better, and 3 shot groups mean don’t much from a mathematical standpoint. If your shot misses the target, write that fact on the target for us to see.
This is my compromise and I won’t compromise on this point further.
C) Once you label a target to be an entry (keeper) you agree on your honor to post it good or bad. This keeps us honest. Post as many entries as you want.

Rule 2 Show your work.
2.1) We want others to be able to duplicate or exceed our results. We want to be able to rip-off their successes too. If you want to keep grampa’s classified slug recipe secret, don’t play. We also want to know whether the data is safe, so tell us if it is published or lab tested.

[b]2.2) Mandatory info about ammo:

Commercial Loads
A) Brand and item number from the box
B) Slug type i.e. Foster, RoundBall, Breneke, Sabot, etc., diameter-if stated and weight-if stated. i.e. “Roundball .650” or “1 oz Rifled Foster slug”. (If the load has been used before, you should be able to select it from the list. This makes results sortable by load and saves you typing.)
C) Nominal or “claimed” velocity, (chronograph data is bonus).

A) All Components: Hull, Primer Brand& Model, Powder brand and grains, Wad and any modifications, spacers, filler, and slug type with diameter and weight.
B) The source of your load data.
C) List whether or not the load has been professionally tested, either from a commercial manual, or you sent it in for proofing.
D) Velocity and psi. Whether listed from a book, or from your own measurements, or a proof lab.

2.3) The gun and it’s accessories:
(Once you enter this stuff once, you should be able to copy and paste most of a row to save data entry work)
A) Muzzle devices such as paradox choke, compensators, rifled barrels, porting, etc.
B) Sites & or optics.
C) Nice but not mandatory: whether you were fired from support or freestanding, and what type of rest you used.

2.4) The Spreadsheet.
I have created a Google Docs spreadsheet to serve as a combined scoreboard and “recipe book” for each category of the competition.

<See the various leaderboards linked in the above post>

A) Please put all the information you can into the appropriate columns.
B) I “own the document” and I will approve info as it is added. Please PM me if you would also like to be an editor/owner of the document. I would particularly like a mod or two. This should prevent vandalism and pure B.S. claims. <PM me if you want to help run this contest, donate prizes, etc.>
C) If you have tried to enter the info and have trouble, PM. an editor for help, but don’t be lazy. I’ll try to enter your stuff for you if that’s what it takes.

Rule 3 We all use the same target at the same range.
3.1) Use only the official standard target linked in post #1 It prints on standard 8.5”*11” paper. This target works for A4 paper. Aim for the center so we can see drop and drift. If you have to hold up high to keep them on the paper, put a dot on the center line to mark your point of aim. It has a grid so that we can compare your claims. Orient the target vertically.
3.2) We get out a tape and Measure the range. No Guesses. No precision estimates. 75 or 25 yards. Laser range finders acceptable.
I chose 75 yards because 50 isn’t too much of a challenge and 100 is pushing it for smoothbore to stay on the paper. I want most of the entries to be on the paper, and still be far enough that we aren’t always trying to determine whose cloverleaf is better. See the first paragraph captioned “rules” above for further info.
* if you can, be smart and spray paint or stake out your measurements so you only have to do this once.
** you can get a cheap 100 yard roll of paracord and put a ribbon tied at each 25 yards and the first 5,7, and 10 for convenience.
*** 25 Yard/meter range is a concession to include people who do not have access to a good range. I anticipate this category quickly becoming too close to call between entrants.

3.3) Scoring
Group size will be measured from the center of each hole, and stated as the smallest circle that will contain all of them. I reserve the right to choose my method. As of now, I will print your target and measure it manually, but I may change.
4.4) Scan or take a picture of your targets and post them. Pics or it didn’t happen. No entries without pics. There must be a link in the sister thread for each entry’s picture.
The target size was chosen to come out to scale on standard printer paper. Scan at low resolution from a normal office scanner and upload that file. This is the best way for me to compare your results. If there is a close call between a scanned picture or a photo I have to adjust for scale, I will favor the full sized scan.
Do the best you can- if a pic on your cell is the best you can do, we’ll take it. I recommend hosting your pics on the forum gallery or on a service without view limits such as Picasa. ImageShack and Photobucket suck because after a few views your pictures stop working, and we get a crappy thread full of dead image links.

Sister Thread: viewtopic.php?f=42&t=3283

Rule 4 Don’t clutter the sister thread. (Mod cleanup appreciated)
4.1) Don’t post in the thread without posting a new entry.
4.2) If you have questions for a shooter, or comments, PM them don’t post them in the competition thread.
4.3) Please Please Please don’t quote a post with a bunch of pictures.

Violations will be deleted or mocked. Don’t waste our time, and we won’t waste yours.

4.4) Pics of range, gun, accessories, measuring tools, ammo and packaging are useful. By all means post them and tips on how to make them with your entries.

This thread will be locked to prevent clutter, and edited for any changes.

PM GunFun for all questions.

P.M. me if you want help:
modify or fix your gun

shotguns, some gunsmithing, reloading, fabrication, knife making, etc.

I'm a firearms/NFA attorney in Wa. Let's combine business, pleasure, and stamps.

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