ALG AKT and polishing VEPR 12 internals
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Author:  Doxs_Roxs [ Tue Jul 30, 2019 10:45 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: ALG AKT and polishing VEPR 12 internals

I agree, however the worst part is the fact that the civil servants are not punished even when they are breaking the law.
Sweden has very poor control structures in place to protect its citizens from civil servants and other officials in case they misuse their power.
In cases like this you have to pay to go to court and you dont get a cent even if you win in court and prove that you are right.
There is also no punishment for the civil servants doing this again and again. There are plenty of other examples not related to firearms as well.

The only control function is "Justitie Ombudsmannen" or in short "JO".
However, this function has no real power, is elected by our politicians and cannot force anyone to actually do anything from what I have seen. Mostly they seem to file reports.

Anyway, back to the issue at hand. My VEPR 12 has been further modified a few times now.
The latest modification was to increase the 5 gas ports to 2,5 mm each and to chamfer the edges, at least on the outside of the barrel, hard to reach inside.

Since that did not do enough I considered that the competition gas block I had mounted had to much internal volume. (remember I had to dig out quite a lot of material from it to uncover the ports as well)

Thus I went back to the original gas block and after a lot of careful removal of material I now have all the ports uncovered and no extra volume.

This is what it looked like when I tried it today:

The short rail mounted in place of the rear iron sight is mostly there to fill the gap and protect the front of my red dot from hot gases.
I broke the iron sight that used to be there after the rifle fell over when I leaned it against the wall at home...

Tried it today and while it did reload the 32g loads a few times after switching to an extremely light spring I now encountered other issues. The rear recoil spring is still original. I only changed to front spring.

However, I only managed to lock the bolt in its rearward position once on an empty magazine, so I think I need a little bit more.
Im going to try with some different brands and some heavier loads as well just to make sure. However, this is rather rediculous since I have huge gas ports and lighter front spring already...

My other issue is that I had several different rounds get stuck on one of the sharp parts of the barrel just before entering the chamber.

This specific cut out is for the extractor and all these surfaces are really sharp.
I think Im going to round them off a bit since I cannot see that it would hurt in any way and it might help with some rounds that would otherwise get stuck.

I do realize this might have something to do with an incorrect feed angle.
I will look into this more tomorrow, but I checked the current magazine angle with the flared magwell vs the original and they seem to match. The height of the magazine is also the same since the magazine latch uses the same pin, I also have very little movement of the magazines with this larger magwell. Basically, they are tight.

This failure to feed actually baffles me a bit. You can see how much these shells got deformed and from what I can tell they first entered at an angle, got stuck on the sharp edge and was later pushed into a horizontal position by the magazine spring from below. I cannot remember if sat like that by itself or if it was pushed up when I pulled on the operating handle.
It did happen twice with two different shells, so this is not a one off fluke.

Author:  evlblkwpnz [ Thu Aug 01, 2019 2:39 am ]
Post subject:  Re: ALG AKT and polishing VEPR 12 internals

Generally, these guns don't like rolled crimp loads if the crimp bulges out from the body of the shell. Take a good look at the loads from the side and see if that is a factor.

Author:  Doxs_Roxs [ Thu Aug 01, 2019 9:18 am ]
Post subject:  Re: ALG AKT and polishing VEPR 12 internals

I checked the ammo and I dont think they bulge at all.

However, this feels like a minor issue that should be resolved once I bevel those surfaces.
They are not load bearing or pressure containing so I see no issues there and when they are rounded off they will not be able to dig in at all.

Ill get back with new updates once I have tried and tested it.

Author:  evlblkwpnz [ Thu Aug 01, 2019 12:31 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: ALG AKT and polishing VEPR 12 internals

With a low pressure round like 12ga case support isn't all that critical, but the case heads may bulge at the slot. If you don't plan on reloading it won't matter.

Author:  Doxs_Roxs [ Mon Aug 05, 2019 11:32 am ]
Post subject:  Re: ALG AKT and polishing VEPR 12 internals

Some parts where so sharp there I could actually cut myself and they would cut into the plastic of the shells with ease.
I just made a tiny bevel so its no longer sharp and did not have any more shells getting stuck in that way while feeding.
I think its small enough not to effect the casings, saw no damage to them.

I tried it at the range yesterday with a variety of ammo (had 6-7 types with me) and could still not get it to reload reliably.
I also tried a DPM systems progressive spring pack with the lightest spring. (much lighter and not binding in the rear when dry cycling like I recently noticed with my stock springs)

Here are the most interesting ones.

I could reload SAGA Eurotrap Steel 24g loads about 40-50% of the time. Tried about 50 rounds. It feels great in the VEPR but very hard in an over under folding shotgun.
All failures where failure to eject, from what I can see the bolt carrier and bolt simply did not move back enough for the shells to properly engage the ejector.
It would not lock up on the last shot hold open. It feels like this round is really close to working now.
I spoke to a friend who has a VEPR 12 and his will run these rounds with stock springs.

At the same time and with the same setup I could not reload Fiocchi PL 34, 34g 2.7mm (US no6). Recoil was pretty ok and felt a lot more despite the compensator.
Same failure, did not eject properly. But only shot a few of these, should probably have tried more of them since they really should have worked.

I also tried SAGA Heavy 34. These are no 7 shots with 34g load, case is high brass.
They are not even comparable to the rest I tried in terms of recoil, this one had a very sharp and hard feel to it.
Still failed to reload, failure was the same as the rest, did not eject properly.
This surprised me since this shell has more then enough punch and should run the mechanism. The very hard recoil makes me think the bolt carrier hit the back of the receiver.
If this is indeed the case, I will have to have a look at the ejector.
Im not happy about this since it might indicate that I have yet another issue with this gun.

I realize these tests are not conclusive since I changed the springs again and only tried 2 shots with the SAGA Heavy 34.
Next time Ill make sure to film each failure and detail what is working and not with the heavy rounds.

At least the failure to feed issues are fixed.

Current plan is to have a look at my friends VEPR 12 to see what the differences are, I want to feel how smooth his action is compared to mine.
Maybe compare how the ejectors look.

Author:  Doxs_Roxs [ Sat Aug 10, 2019 7:20 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: ALG AKT and polishing VEPR 12 internals

Im going to the range tomorrow but noticed something that should have been obvious today.
My Holusun green dot has a huge mount and its just over the ejection port... :oops:

Going to move/remove it when testing tomorrow, its quite likely part of the ejection problem.

I also have to add that my friends VEPR 12 was a bit more modified then I first had heard.
He has a lighter front spring and polished internals.

Apart from that I compared my gun internals to his and we noticed he has a slightly longer gas rod and a slightly larger ejector. Ill post pictures later.
At the same time, the gun to gun measurements seem to differ enough for the variances I just saw to be perfectly normal.

Author:  Doxs_Roxs [ Sat Sep 21, 2019 12:25 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: ALG AKT and polishing VEPR 12 internals

Just want to post an update here. I now have the gun working with most 24g loads.
I have the occational hiccup with some manufacturers, but for the most part they work fine.

A major issue was the sightmount. Personally I think the rail on the top of the dustcover over the ejection port might as well be removed since it seems anything in that area will mess up shell ejection.

I will probably start a new build thread to show you guys what has been done to the gun.
My last upgrade was to mill a short aluminium mounting rail and mount it where the rear sight used to be.
I milled the receiver and managed to get the rail just as low as the rail on the dustcover giving me a relatively low sight over bore axis.

I also manufactured my own index finger magwell catch actuator and fastened it on the trigger guard, works perfect and allows me to use the original magazine lever.

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