Hungarian Modernization Efforts (From 2016)

An interesting video dealing with a now-defunct Hungarian modernization effort of the AK-63 model from 2016. Who knows how far they would have progressed if this company had continued their work. Sadly, the Hungarian’s have adopted a non-AK platform service rifle not long after this video was made.

A Quiet Welcome!

For over a decade has brought you news and information related to Molot-Oruzhiye products. Last month we were knocked offline, and our site sabotaged to the point of it being impossible to salvage. There will never be a time when the owners of will pay a ransom to any criminals to release our data.

We’ve decided to resurrect the project, first introducing a blog and information site, and then at some point in the future, reintroducing our interactive wed-forum. Please be patient while we undergo these monumental changes.