Attero Arms Mount for Trijicon RMR

Guys, a lot of people ask me what the best way to run a traditional red dot sight setup is on an AK if one happens to have an astigmatism. As it turns out, my eyes are bad… really bad, and I constantly get the starburst effect from most major collimator sights. My go to when running an AK is a prism scope, or LPVO, but I’ve had fairly decent results with the Trijicon dual illuminated RMR. A really great way to mount this optic is using the Arrero Arms RMR mount. Here are some pictures. Apologies for the lighting differences, I am not the best photographer. Armacon handguard pictured, but not discussed.

Zenitco B-33: The KING of optic mounting solutions on the AK platform

People are always asking what the most stable mounting solution for LPVO or large-frame prism scopes on the AK platform is. Without a doubt the answer is the Zenitco B-33. The unit is held solidly in place by four separate tension/ connection points and will return to zero each time you open the dust cover to access the inside of the rifle. I am aware that they are hard to come by, but given the choice, I recommend taking the time to find one.

BelOMO PRC Collimator

I was lucky enough to pick up a new red dot optical device this week. The PRC is made by BelOMO and features a 2 moa dot-type reticle, 11 brightness settings, and an intuitive adjustment system. It is a heavy beast, and with my astigmatism, unusable at the upper brightness settings (due to glare). I will try to update this post when I’ve had a chance to run it on something heavy in the 30 caliber range.