7,62×39 Magazines of the United States

IWI Israel Galil Ace Pistol

I never had a chance to buy up a Micro Galil (firearm or kit), so I decided to pick up a Galil ACE in 5,56×45 and build something similar. This is a model brought into the United States by IWI-US in pistol configuration. It takes the traditional Galil rock-n-lock magazines, and features a pistol brace from SB tactical. I removed the plastic lower, and replaced it with a KNS “Plastic-Delete Kit”, Ergo Shines grip, and Midwest Industries M-LOK handguard system.

VZ-58 Parts Kit Of Czechoslovakia

I had a chance to pick up a VZ-58 parts kit from APEX Gun Parts during their infamous “Black Friday” sales. While not based on the Kalashnikov operating system, the VZ-58 is an interesting and historic rifle that I hope to build into a US legal semi-auto firearm at some point in the near future. Stay tuned!